Session 1: The Sacking of Greenest

The Sacking of Greenest

Narrowly escaping the Vampire Ambush, the adventuring company made their way up the Sword Coast to seek refuge in the Town of Greenest only to discover the settlement was under siege by a blue dragon named Lennithon and the Cult of the Dragon.

Saving a woman named Linan Swift and her family, along with several villagers, the heroes defeated a group of raiding cultists within the keeps courtyard. Making their way to the keep, the party met with Governor Nighthill and did their best to defend the keep and the surrounding village by securing the keep’s sally port, saving the Town mill from the torch and most significantly, running off the adult dragon, Lennithon from his last sortie against the keep at the stroke of midnite.

In the waking hours of the last morning of the siege, the party offered up 2 champions against the half dragon Langdedrosa Cyanwrath in a selfless effort to save a family of 4 townsfolk. Bjarnk bravely stepped forward to answer the call and was quickly struck down by the half dragon champion. While not part of the original bargain, Thaddicus immediately challenged the enemy to defend his ally and the town – and was dispatched just as quickly when confronted with the massive enemy’s greatsword attack. However, the oppossing enemy held true to their word and left the town in flames having looted the town to present a new hoard in tribute to the exiled dragon queen, Tiamat.


20 gp each recovered from fallen foes, Bjarnk donated his 20 plus 10 from his reserved (30 total) to Greenest recovery efforts.
6 potion of healing recovered, 3 used, 3 remaining


The party obtained 2nd level and now has 480 xp each



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