Session 2: The Raider's Camp

The Raider’s Camp

Having recovered from their wounds during the sacking of Greenest, the party was asked by Governor Nighthill to locate the raiders camp and find out as much information about the raiders as possible. In exchange, the village was able to scrape together their remaining resources and offer the party 250 gp each as reward.

Before setting off on their mission the party came across a young monk named Nasim Waladara who shared the story of his master Leosin Erlanthar, a monk from Berdusk, and his capture by the Raiders. Leosin had been investigating the Cult of the Dragon and trying to anticipate their next attack and reasons behind their raids.

The adventurers were soon able to track the main raider camp, having encountered a number of stragglers from the main raiding part and later, having been ambushed by a rearguard of cultists and their mercenary guards. Defeating the raiders the party was able to infiltrate the main camp at horsehoe shaped plateau.

The party learned a number of things in the camp and from Leosin after his subsequent rescue.

  1. Not all raiders are full fledged members of the cult, some are initiates, others are simple mercenaries.
  2. The kobolds worship the dragons and are easily manipulated by the cult leaders, including Rezmir, a high ranking cultist.
  3. Greenest was the most profitable raid yet, but far from the only.
  4. Camp prisoners are forced into labor. Some convert to the cult, but most die from overwork and undernurishment.
  5. The cave at the back of the camp is called the “nursery” and is off limits to all except Rezmir, Frulam Mondath, and their closest aides.
  6. The growing hoard and a clutch of dragon eggs are kept in the “nursery”.
  7. The half blue dragon Langdedrosa Cyanrath is Mondath’s right hand and is seldom far from her side. He has a rigid sense of honor, but you don’t want to make him mad.
  8. The cultists believe Tiamat, the mother of dragons, shall return, and when that day comes, all nations of the world shall tremble before her majesty.
  9. Leosin was of special interest to Rezmir, why else would she have kept him alive?


28 sp recovered from fallen foes to be split, and received* 250 gp* each from Governor Nighthill as reward for locating the raiders camp, obtaining the information from the camp followers and returning the few village belongings they were able to recover.
Chief Kane won 12 sp playing dragon chess with some of the camp followers the party had infiltrated


The party earned 490 xp each in this session.
The adventurers have obtained 3rd level and now have 970 xp each



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