Session 3: The Nursery

Undertaking the monk’s mission of returning to the camp to investigate the raiders plans and discover what lay in the caverns of the “nursery”, the party set off for the camp once more and came upon a group of hunters for the cult sitting down for an evening meal.

Enraged that the hunters provided any service to the dragon cult, the dwarven cleric Brother Bjarnk Silverhammer unexpectedly struck one of the hunters down while the party shared a meal with the hunters. A brief and bloody battle ensued and the party of 4 hunters were quickly killed.

Learning only that the raiders had set off and that only a few remained, including Langdedrosa Cyanwrath and Frulam Mondath,
the adventurers headed to the cave housing the nursery.

Encountering 2 dragonclaw cultists and a trapped cave stair leading to a battle with violet fungi and bloodsucking stirges, the party continues their investigation of the nursery.



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